What Genre?

Finding out what genre I write in took a very long time.  In fact, I’m still figuring things out.  It’s hard for me because, although there is lots of material similar to the style of writing I choose to exhibit, as with most writers, I feel that it’s “different” and does not fit in the industry’s boxes.  You can call it jackleg (in terms of being inexperienced or a non-professional), arrogance, or both.

Since I had no designs on being a writer, as a kid I hated romantic type poetry and love songs, I fought against creativity and did not like to read, once I decided to embrace the Spirit that had been chasing me for-forever, I had to do loads of research.  I knew who my Muses were, I’d met my Twin Flame and several members of my Soul Group – many of them were poets, writers and/or musicians when they walked the Earth.  I found that I gravitated towards Gothic Horror.  To be more detailed, I gravitated towards Gothic Romanticism; however, it was a new kind (if that makes sense).  Another thing that made (makes) it hard for me is that I do not let others see my writing.  It’s not arrogance or naivety, it’s that I feel as a painter might.  I don’t want to show anyone anything unless I’m absolutely sure it’s finished.  Some things are finished.  I have years of “works in progress” though.  There is so much in my head that I get overwhelmed at times, but that’s okay.  I’m dealing with it.

I’ve let some read my materials.  They basically say the same thing.  “It’s good, but it’s not horror.  It’s something else.”  Even though some of the staples of Gothic Horror are present, many do not see my writings as horror.  It’s more beautiful, weirder, and it’s movie like.  What’s that called?  Dark Fantasy?  Weird Fiction?  There are many things we can call my writings, but I have chosen another name.  Now, let’s see if I can get an agent and/or publisher to use the name.  That is another story.


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