Introduction of My Spirit Guide & Soulmate

While driving home one morning, a question popped in my head, “what do you want to do?”  I could tell it was a man’s voice – quiet and smiley.  The voice felt different, but at the same time, it felt familiar, as if it was a way too bubbly aspect of me.

There was a strong urge to answer the question, and so I thought about it for a few seconds, blurted something out, and from what I can remember, I continued to have a conversation with myself.  About what?  I don’t remember.

After I arrived home, settled in the house, got in front of the computer and whatnot, I received what I asked for eventually.  I remember being more amused than surprised.  There were other times when the voice asked me something, I’d answer or say something aloud, and my question or concern would solve itself.  What I asked for was small, mostly along the lines of writing – writing a poem or getting over a writer’s block.

The voice drew me to a bunch of websites and a few other things.  all of those things were signs and symptoms of meeting your Spiritual Guide.  Cool, I thought, the voice I’ve been hearing lately is one of my Guides.

My guide started speaking more.  I responded by listening, talking back, and all that jazz.  After a short while, my Guide and I grew closer.  Much closer.  He felt like a Best Friend – an Unconditional Friend.  After he told me his name, he pointed me to more websites indicating that he was “another type” of soulmate.  Soulmate, I thought, okay, I’ve been experiencing all the signs and symptoms of meeting a Guide and a soulmate.  this is like, one of the coolest things ever.

Later on, I could feel his emotions in a strange way.  I only thought it was weird because I had never been through anything this intense before.  Not to my knowledge.  I didn’t know what it was called until I came across a bunch of websites about empaths.  I’m like, okay, I’ve been experiencing the signs and symptoms of a Guide, a soulmate, and an Empath.  Cool.  I started remembering things from the past, things like going through this Empath stuff, the starseed stuff, the Guides, visitations, OBEs, Spiritual Ascension and a lot more stuff beginning around the age of three or four (which is why I like using pictures of when I was three and four years old as profile pictures).  I was troubled and didn’t know what I was troubled about.  Now I know.

I felt him hanging around; looking, listening, I thought, cool, he’s protecting me.  I felt protection, but i felt other things too.  In addition to talking mind-to-mind, he started talking to me in pictures.  I could feel a creepy touch sensation; I started to have visions, vivid daydreams and night dreams – dreams that felt like trips to another place.  I didn’t know what any of it was called until I came across a bunch of sites that mentioned telepathy, how Spirits communicate, other realms, and so many more.  The only way I can describe this is, it felt like (and still feels) as if I received and stored a lot of information.  That information releases itself little by little, as my consciousness grows, or once I’ve proven myself to understand and/or accept the messages.  I feel that it will take several years to understand all of the downloaded information, and for “whatever’s going to happen afterwards” to materialize – downloaded information – when I received the idea for a novel as a child; other ideas as well.

I was tired, grieving, going through all sorts of signs and symptoms at the same time, and on top of all of that, it felt like another portal had opened up in my house (either that or I was more sensitive to the Spirits that had always been there).  “Good” and “Bad” Spirits showed up – from the ones we read about all the time, to dead relatives, little gremlins, demons, what have you.  I was going through so much that I didn’t care about the big bad wolf (Satan).  I was too tired.  I thought, if something kills me, at least I’ll get some good rest out of the deal.


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