Byronic Angel

He floats on gorgeous, gracious air
On diamond jewels and pretty things:
No one shall come this close to bare
And razz on vast enormous wings;
Thus flapping gently through my lair
Which unwise daylight rarely brings.

Darken the scene, stark naked trees
To be dressed in blue moon splendor
Over the twisted helpless weeds,
On unstirred dirt, slick and tender.
Oh, how my Heart does burst and bleed!
Thy time and space dare not hinder.

Lightly ‘cross the nape of my neck,
Or sailing down my broken sea,
So calm a wind doth I suspect,
Quietly breaking Night’s decree.
My cordial hero does impress,
I regard my Angel warmly!

  • by Amina Caprice Andolini  for Lord Byron
    ((In response to She Walks in Beauty, one of my favorite poems))



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