Six Simple Reasons – Why Some Clairempaths Can’t or Won’t Read Energy

I encountered these six problems earlier in my journey…

1.) The Clairempath Senses Doubt
Most of the time, an Empath will be able to pick up on another person’s doubt.  If the doubtful person is a close family member or friend, the Empath will probably be hurt by the notion, try to compensate (balance out), make excuses for, or even ignore the doubt.  Some even doubt themselves.

2.) The Clairempath Senses a Lie (Liar)
Some people seem to be allergic to telling the truth.  With some people, what they say is totally different from the Energy they give off.  In most of these cases, either they are playing around in order to shame the Empath, or they are true liars.  Some Empaths get offended (but try to hide it), some would again try to compensate, make excuses for, or even ignore the lies.

3.) The Clairempath Senses Other Energy
Instead of reading one particular person’s energy, Empaths could be reading a system of Energies around that person.

4.) The Clairempath Respects the Shield
Some people, unconsciously or no, can shield their Emotions or Energies so an Empath can’t read it.  If there is a wall, most Empaths will respect that person’s space.

5.) The Clairempath’s Own Emotions Obstruct
There could be a number of reasons.  In the beginning, closeness, a boxed in religious mindset, repressed aspects, hidden beliefs, ungrounding and/or naivety (inexperience) regarding the unconscious were huge problems for me.  Learning to calm my ego and trust my instinct had a lot to do with it as well.

6.) Personal or Spiritual Growth is Needed (Time)
Simply put… Some of us don’t know how deep our Gifts run.  We don’t know how to use the Gift(s) properly or perhaps we need empowerment.


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