Two Simple Reasons – CLAIREMPATHS, Know Your Native Tongue!

I already felt like some animal at a sideshow because of the merge.  Some say you shouldn’t do it; however, I’m not the one who orchestrated the move.  It just appeared one day – they all flared up when my Twin Flame arrived.

I have learned that all stages of empath development are important.  The problem comes in when an empath doesn’t know what’s going on AT ALL.  When some beat up on the super sensitive empath, telling them that their untrained ability isn’t much of an ability at all, that their feelings of not belonging are invalid; that basically, they are worthless.

I don’t know what stage of development I’m currently in.  I don’t feel like a Skilled Empath (probably because I’m not interested in becoming one yet); however, I don’t experience as many of the uncomfortable things that I did in the past.  These are some of the things that helped me deal with the untrained or “unskilled empath” symptoms (may or may not work for others)…

It’s important for an empath to find out what kind of empath they are – to find out how they process information.  As far as I am concerned, if I had never found out of my language, I would have still been in some kind of box, wondering what’s wrong with me.  For me, it felt like empowerment.  Finally!  I can concentrate on becoming a Skilled Empath (whenever), concentrate on a career (the mission) or onto helping others.  I feel safe enough to move on to the next step.

Finally!  Something makes so much sense to me.  After spending so long feeling like some weird alien in an ugly human suit, this is BIG news.  To me, “naming myself” armed me with the proper weapons.  I no longer felt as helpless.  Putting a name to this case made sense out of the things I’d been seeing around me for several years.  It may or may not be technical, but to me, it just made sense!


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