Grape Kool-Aid Reality (the Shadow Government)

Even though I came to Earth in 1975, until a few nights ago, I did not realize grape Kool-Aid or the phrases “drink the Kool-Aid, “don’t drink the Kool-Aid,” and others were real phrases aimed at sheep that conform to certain politics, beliefs, business ideals, or those that mindlessly jump on the in-crowd’s bandwagon.  In addition to hinting at the 1978 massacre at Jonestown, some have taken the expression to mean conforming to a negative or positive experience.  As far as I am concerned, it simply means going along with the majority in a way that’s disadvantageous to one’s own well-being, whether it is seen as positive or negative to bystanders.

After I woke up from that particular dream, I remember going through all kinds of emotions.  Many of them were aimed at a few controversial views of mine, views that have always gotten on my nerves but I didn’t know why.  Before I list the controversial views, I must mention that the grape Kool-Aid in my dream also had strong ties to 2Pac, especially to a line in one of his songs entitled “Never B Peace.”  Another thing… while I do believe in some conspiracy theories, I know a lot of it is just for entertainment value.  Others like reaching, in other words, mixing fact with lies or making the truth seem super spooky in order to scare the majority away.  Some theories do nothing but incite fear, guilt and stir up the flock’s lower emotions – “energy food” for the Shadow Government.  It’s a good way to keep the cattle confused, blindly submissive and under complete hypnotic mind control.

(1.) America is a corporation, one secretly run by the Shadow Government
What is the Shadow Government?  A bunch of conspiracy theories that place control of this country in the hands of a small group of people who stand behind high-ranking elected officials.  Who is the Shadow Government?  There are many conspiracy theories, from the super-powerful illuminated ones and their sinister agendas to royal aliens.

(2.) the Shadow Government is dumbing-down the population
I do believe that the Shadow Government influences or controls the majority with positive and negative entertainment, the manipulation of stories in the media, religion, some forms of Spirituality, as well as putting harmful things in our food, water, the air (causing dis-ease).  They use and in some instances are controlled by occult magick.

(3.) the Power of Voting is a FARCE (a huge myth) 
It’s like a normal game of sport.  The power of voting is a ritual used to promote guilt, division and surrender.  All I know is this… if I was responsible for a huge corporation like, let’s say, America, then there is no way I’d hand the wheel over to a bunch of dumbed-down cattle. I believe the Shadow Government allows us to think we have more power than we actually do because they need the low vibrations (the negative emotions and Energies triggered).  They need the density; they support it.  They also limit the power of all elected officials – the president included.  To me, the very thought of a Shadow Government operating under a democracy is inharmonious.

(4.) Everything is an Illusion… 
Everything, from racism to money, welfare programs, and etcetera is an illusion.  They tell us that several welfare programs (things from Pell Grants to SNAP) are to help low-income citizens out of poverty.  In some instances, the stuff works; however, underneath the forced charity, welfare programs cause racial tension by allowing lies, guilt, shame, misplaced anger, confusion and pride to fester and boil over.  ALL ILLUSIONS keep us at a low frequency and promote division among races and social classes.


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