The Universe (all Soulmates):
Take the typical classroom (typical desks, no long tables or other little things,) inside the classrooms there are classmates – the whole class – ones who sit closest to us, to the left, right, front and back, depending on how the classroom is made.  They can represent a biological family, Soul Family, close friend, other… They all represent soulmates.  Now, in the classroom, those who sit closest to us represent the close kind of soulmates we hear about all the time.

Not everyone will share a desk, their notes and books in every classroom, but for those of us who do, the person we share our desk and ALL our belongings with is the one  we call an Eternal Soulmate or Twin Flame.

We attempt to explain or understand the Source and His Creations in different ways (such as Teal Swan’s deal with the ocean and its waves, and others who talk about the sun’s rays).  For me, knowing the sense of closeness I feel for some could mean that a certain Being is in the same class (Soul Family/classmate) as me explains a lot.  Not everybody we feel close to is a Twin Flame or a soulmate that we’re destined to spend eternity with.  We have very close friends, friends we’ve sat next to in class and had active communication (lifetimes) with for… who knows how long.

We are all Beings learning and growing together, no matter what dimension we currently live in.  We are all Beings learning and growing together, no matter what role we’re currently playing.  We all are soulmates.



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