Unstable ((Short Prose))

Utopian Puzzle Piece
I am knocking on a door to another dimension.  I am speaking to the Spirit Beings who dine on inadequate flesh and fear energy, on the materialistic aspect of the World and all its lower dimensional kinfolk.  I am knocking at your door – don’t deny my abundance.

As of now, I am unfamiliar with your tactics; however, I would like to decipher its ferocious peaks and echelons, its sharp horned heads and enormous wingspan, its misshapen mouths and buttocks; I would like to decipher those things and more in totality.  They are neither good nor bad in my reality.  I am knocking – don’t deny my abundance.

I wish to understand a stronger sense of self-worth, and peek inside the insatiable need to kick the well being of other brothers to the unfeeling portion of intelligence.  Perhaps I can find a balance between the emotional and the poker faced.  Perhaps I can finally know the true meaning of nirvana.  Perhaps I will find my Utopian puzzle piece.  I am knocking…

© 2017 Amina Caprice Andolini

The Invisible Tribe
this is for the Beings who desire nothing in particular: I vibe with your frame of mind.  It is as if we’re an invisible tribe – congregating at our designated grid points, conversing over fruity tea, sandwiches and little cakes.

© 2017 Amina Caprice Andolini


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