SMH @ Nonbelievers – Why I Prefer ‘Clairempathic’ to ‘Empathic’

I have disliked the word empath ever since I discovered what it really means to be one.  I don’t like the term because so many people get it mixed up with having empathy which is having compassion, sympathy, and being really sensitive to other people’s moods or feelings.  I have seen arguments in which people feel as if those who call themselves empaths are boasting about a supernatural ability.  The empaths fire back and say it feels more like a curse at times – who in their right mind would set out to endure this much sensitivity, pain and heartache – they say that there is more than one type of empath, explain the characteristics of being one and everything.  Still, so many people choose to get empath (or empathic) mixed up with empathy, either because of the spelling or because they simply can’t understand something so sixth sense-y.  They think it’s a new agey load of twinkly crap.  Some of those who argue against the empath stuff can get rather angry; fixated on proving the empath wrong by throwing up a whole bunch of intellect (since empaths are obviously out of their right minds). They think the ’empathic ones’ are playing the victim card or just throwing psychic jazz in the cake mix.  Some Spiritual Teachers agree, saying something like an unskilled empath shouldn’t interlace titles.  It only proves that they aren’t real empaths, they only have talents, traits or an ability to be one or the other – an empath or a psychic.  They say only a few have both skills, which, by the way, are unrelated to one another. facepalm

Some people think you can teach yourself to be empathic; therefore, those who claim to be empaths are only trying to join an exclusive club or they are lying about this “superhuman” ability.  I’m not here to comment on congealed egos (which are opinions based largely on a strong sense of self or self-worth).  Most of the time, those people think calling yourself an empath only entails reading body language, listening to intuition, dusting for clues, and learning to put yourself in other people’s shoes. facepalm