poetry is not a science

poetry is not a science to me…
it’s a painting, of words, feelings and black emotions.
it’s a sea of old blood bringing sickness to the sand;
a sea of grimy blood and shiny things.

it’s a psychedelic sea of tiny shells broken up,
and the World, will never know the faintness of its Being,
will the World, ever see the genius?


The Ghostly Writer’s Block

As far as I am concerned, writer’s block is a Spirit Friend.  It’s my intuition; my Guidance, my teacher.  It forces me to listen to its needs – “change the material,” “go back to chapter two,” “write something else,” “go outside,” “exercise,” “take a break,” “eat something,” “get some sleep,”  “RELAX!”  It’s an internal clock.  It’s when I’m most creative.  I used to be depressed, fighting against it, always losing, but now I’m grateful.  I need this Friend’s objectivity, because if I had my way, I’d sit in front of the computer and write all day – write, edit, and arrange my material.  I’d forget about most everything else.  This black keyboard is power.  Whenever I write, I can do what I want, I can be what I want, look how I want, go where I want to go.  I can change rules and regulations, I can change Vibrations, I can go on a psychedelic trip, speak alien gibberish, speak to the Muses… whatever.  During a writer’s block, it’s important to focus on my spirituality as well.  “You’re not supposed to be here, this is not what you’re supposed to be doing” is something I used to hear.  I haven’t heard that statement in several years.