Negative Entities behind Thought

ūüėĘūüėĘ “It was a horrendous thing for me, when people hurled words like lazy, slothful, idle, and lethargic around so haphazardly. ¬†It was very difficult to hear. ¬†It was difficult to ‘just get over it’ because I could feel the anger; the negative entities behind thought.” – Amina Caprice Andolini¬†ūüėĘūüėĘ

After I knew myself; my own Energy, I figured out the answer to this “thing” that had been bothering me for several years. ¬†I didn’t know what to call that feeling – the feeling that when only two or three people was in the room with me, it sometimes felt like 2 or 300 people were there. ¬†What? ¬†I didn’t know what it was called when I could feel Entities looking at me. ¬†I just knew stuff about them; I knew everything they wanted me to know. ¬†I knew if they were Unconditional Friends, malicious, ghosts/random shade. ¬†I knew how they looked, their names (if applicable)…

At first, I didn’t know anything about that orange ball below my navel. ¬†I’m like, what’s it called when it rises? ¬†What’s the black stuff called? ¬†Why do I feel so bad when others are angry? ¬†Even if they don’t say anything, even if there are no people around, I feel it. ¬†Why do I feel it? ¬†What is this thing I feel?

For a person like me, words are thoughts. ¬†I find that those thoughts are attached to little Entities, negative thought entities that grow from gremlins to demons. ¬†I did not have to hear the word in order for the thought to grow. ¬†I just knew it. ¬†I could see them running around. ¬†It seems comical now, but at the time, I wasn’t doing much laughing. ¬†I saw little kids with different color shirts on (ex: green, blue, pink) out of my mind’s¬†eye. ¬†Each one represented an emotion (jealousy, envy, covetous). ¬†Those little kids ran around the house causing havoc. ¬†My daughter called them little gremlins. ¬†I saw my bubble of protection through my mind’s eye as I sat on the bed one night. ¬†Some of the little gremlin children started poking my bubble with sticks while laughing. ¬†I felt like a little kid getting bullied on the playground. ¬†I just sat there and cried until I got tired, stood up and ordered them to leave me alone.

The gremlins grew quickly. ¬†At the time, there was plenty of anger and vibes of confusion, frustration (etcetera) that they feed off. ¬†During that time, I had a dream of fighting a teenager. ¬†The dream seemed to be lucid. ¬†When I finally broke out of the dream, I was sore, as if I’d been in a real fight. ¬†I also felt full-grown demons. ¬†Most of them weren’t too powerful. ¬†They just watched me, told me things like they hated me and¬†put low energy such as confusion, frustration and anxiety in the air.

I don’t like when a person lies, but I don’t really care about why a person lies. ¬†For the most part, I feel worse for the liar, because some lies come from a place of desperation – feeling desperate about something (or what they think is desperation). ¬†The fact that they feel as if they have to lie indicates fear. ¬†And… there’s that Entity again…

All can do is send them lots of Love. ¬†Being able to feel both sides of a dispute was a nuisance at first, and needless to say it made some people think of me as disloyal (?), weak and two-faced. ¬†Despite that, it has helped me be “slow to anger,” love everyone in the face of their faults, respect their choices and decisions. ¬†However, loving someone does not stop the visions. ¬†Annoying things happen when someone lies. ¬†Sometimes I ignore them, sometimes it’s a nagging little pain – until I figure out what the lie could be. ¬†With this one woman (who I believe is some kind of soulmate), I can see the word LIE or LIAR in red letters on her forehead (sometimes flashing).

No! ¬†I don’t want to know everything. ¬†Why would I wanna do that when I don’t know everything about myself yet? ¬†I don’t “get” or “pick up” things all of the time, but when I do, I’d rather not say anything about it. ¬†The main reason is that I don’t know how that particular person would react. ¬†Another reason is that if I tell of anything, most people would deny it, call me a liar, throw a bunch of technical stuff in the mix, whatever… I don’t have time for all that, but I can respect their decision. ¬†I don’t judge. ¬†It’s all Light…