Ralph Smart’s Take on Empaths


Two Simple Reasons – CLAIREMPATHS, Know Your Native Tongue!

I already felt like some animal at a sideshow because of the merge.  Some say you shouldn’t do it; however, I’m not the one who orchestrated the move.  It just appeared one day – they all flared up when my Twin Flame arrived.

I have learned that all stages of empath development are important.  The problem comes in when an empath doesn’t know what’s going on AT ALL.  When some beat up on the super sensitive empath, telling them that their untrained ability isn’t much of an ability at all, that their feelings of not belonging are invalid; that basically, they are worthless.

I don’t know what stage of development I’m currently in.  I don’t feel like a Skilled Empath (probably because I’m not interested in becoming one yet); however, I don’t experience as many of the uncomfortable things that I did in the past.  These are some of the things that helped me deal with the untrained or “unskilled empath” symptoms (may or may not work for others)…

It’s important for an empath to find out what kind of empath they are – to find out how they process information.  As far as I am concerned, if I had never found out of my language, I would have still been in some kind of box, wondering what’s wrong with me.  For me, it felt like empowerment.  Finally!  I can concentrate on becoming a Skilled Empath (whenever), concentrate on a career (the mission) or onto helping others.  I feel safe enough to move on to the next step.

Finally!  Something makes so much sense to me.  After spending so long feeling like some weird alien in an ugly human suit, this is BIG news.  To me, “naming myself” armed me with the proper weapons.  I no longer felt as helpless.  Putting a name to this case made sense out of the things I’d been seeing around me for several years.  It may or may not be technical, but to me, it just made sense!

Six Simple Reasons – Why Some Clairempaths Can’t or Won’t Read Energy

I encountered these six problems earlier in my journey…

1.) The Clairempath Senses Doubt
Most of the time, an Empath will be able to pick up on another person’s doubt.  If the doubtful person is a close family member or friend, the Empath will probably be hurt by the notion, try to compensate (balance out), make excuses for, or even ignore the doubt.  Some even doubt themselves.

2.) The Clairempath Senses a Lie (Liar)
Some people seem to be allergic to telling the truth.  With some people, what they say is totally different from the Energy they give off.  In most of these cases, either they are playing around in order to shame the Empath, or they are true liars.  Some Empaths get offended (but try to hide it), some would again try to compensate, make excuses for, or even ignore the lies.

3.) The Clairempath Senses Other Energy
Instead of reading one particular person’s energy, Empaths could be reading a system of Energies around that person.

4.) The Clairempath Respects the Shield
Some people, unconsciously or no, can shield their Emotions or Energies so an Empath can’t read it.  If there is a wall, most Empaths will respect that person’s space.

5.) The Clairempath’s Own Emotions Obstruct
There could be a number of reasons.  In the beginning, closeness, a boxed in religious mindset, repressed aspects, hidden beliefs, ungrounding and/or naivety (inexperience) regarding the unconscious were huge problems for me.  Learning to calm my ego and trust my instinct had a lot to do with it as well.

6.) Personal or Spiritual Growth is Needed (Time)
Simply put… Some of us don’t know how deep our Gifts run.  We don’t know how to use the Gift(s) properly or perhaps we need empowerment.

SMH @ Nonbelievers – Why I Prefer ‘Clairempathic’ to ‘Empathic’

I have disliked the word empath ever since I discovered what it really means to be one.  I don’t like the term because so many people get it mixed up with having empathy which is having compassion, sympathy, and being really sensitive to other people’s moods or feelings.  I have seen arguments in which people feel as if those who call themselves empaths are boasting about a supernatural ability.  The empaths fire back and say it feels more like a curse at times – who in their right mind would set out to endure this much sensitivity, pain and heartache – they say that there is more than one type of empath, explain the characteristics of being one and everything.  Still, so many people choose to get empath (or empathic) mixed up with empathy, either because of the spelling or because they simply can’t understand something so sixth sense-y.  They think it’s a new agey load of twinkly crap.  Some of those who argue against the empath stuff can get rather angry; fixated on proving the empath wrong by throwing up a whole bunch of intellect (since empaths are obviously out of their right minds). They think the ’empathic ones’ are playing the victim card or just throwing psychic jazz in the cake mix.  Some Spiritual Teachers agree, saying something like an unskilled empath shouldn’t interlace titles.  It only proves that they aren’t real empaths, they only have talents, traits or an ability to be one or the other – an empath or a psychic.  They say only a few have both skills, which, by the way, are unrelated to one another. facepalm

Some people think you can teach yourself to be empathic; therefore, those who claim to be empaths are only trying to join an exclusive club or they are lying about this “superhuman” ability.  I’m not here to comment on congealed egos (which are opinions based largely on a strong sense of self or self-worth).  Most of the time, those people think calling yourself an empath only entails reading body language, listening to intuition, dusting for clues, and learning to put yourself in other people’s shoes. facepalm


Introduction of My Spirit Guide & Soulmate

While driving home one morning, a question popped in my head, “what do you want to do?”  I could tell it was a man’s voice – quiet and smiley.  The voice felt different, but at the same time, it felt familiar, as if it was a way too bubbly aspect of me.

There was a strong urge to answer the question, and so I thought about it for a few seconds, blurted something out, and from what I can remember, I continued to have a conversation with myself.  About what?  I don’t remember.

After I arrived home, settled in the house, got in front of the computer and whatnot, I received what I asked for eventually.  I remember being more amused than surprised.  There were other times when the voice asked me something, I’d answer or say something aloud, and my question or concern would solve itself.  What I asked for was small, mostly along the lines of writing – writing a poem or getting over a writer’s block.

The voice drew me to a bunch of websites and a few other things.  all of those things were signs and symptoms of meeting your Spiritual Guide.  Cool, I thought, the voice I’ve been hearing lately is one of my Guides.

My guide started speaking more.  I responded by listening, talking back, and all that jazz.  After a short while, my Guide and I grew closer.  Much closer.  He felt like a Best Friend – an Unconditional Friend.  After he told me his name, he pointed me to more websites indicating that he was “another type” of soulmate.  Soulmate, I thought, okay, I’ve been experiencing all the signs and symptoms of meeting a Guide and a soulmate.  this is like, one of the coolest things ever.

Later on, I could feel his emotions in a strange way.  I only thought it was weird because I had never been through anything this intense before.  Not to my knowledge.  I didn’t know what it was called until I came across a bunch of websites about empaths.  I’m like, okay, I’ve been experiencing the signs and symptoms of a Guide, a soulmate, and an Empath.  Cool.  I started remembering things from the past, things like going through this Empath stuff, the starseed stuff, the Guides, visitations, OBEs, Spiritual Ascension and a lot more stuff beginning around the age of three or four (which is why I like using pictures of when I was three and four years old as profile pictures).  I was troubled and didn’t know what I was troubled about.  Now I know.

I felt him hanging around; looking, listening, I thought, cool, he’s protecting me.  I felt protection, but i felt other things too.  In addition to talking mind-to-mind, he started talking to me in pictures.  I could feel a creepy touch sensation; I started to have visions, vivid daydreams and night dreams – dreams that felt like trips to another place.  I didn’t know what any of it was called until I came across a bunch of sites that mentioned telepathy, how Spirits communicate, other realms, and so many more.  The only way I can describe this is, it felt like (and still feels) as if I received and stored a lot of information.  That information releases itself little by little, as my consciousness grows, or once I’ve proven myself to understand and/or accept the messages.  I feel that it will take several years to understand all of the downloaded information, and for “whatever’s going to happen afterwards” to materialize – downloaded information – when I received the idea for a novel as a child; other ideas as well.

I was tired, grieving, going through all sorts of signs and symptoms at the same time, and on top of all of that, it felt like another portal had opened up in my house (either that or I was more sensitive to the Spirits that had always been there).  “Good” and “Bad” Spirits showed up – from the ones we read about all the time, to dead relatives, little gremlins, demons, what have you.  I was going through so much that I didn’t care about the big bad wolf (Satan).  I was too tired.  I thought, if something kills me, at least I’ll get some good rest out of the deal.

Chicken Liver Empath (Part III)

In my case, I think the fact that I didn’t love myself stemmed from not being around CERTAIN TYPES of soulmates.  I couldn’t see myself in everyone’s eyes, and that was okay; that was expected.  I searched for “something” in other people and got disappointed most every time.  I thought it was normal, that I was not normal because I expected so much.  I know how to love unconditionally, but all I got was conditional behavior, low vibrations, and I didn’t understand them – I didn’t understand why.  Others judged me in terms of the “normal” everyday person and that hurt me.  I knew I wasn’t normal in that sense.  They knew I wasn’t normal in any sense, still, they judged me like they would a normal person.  Sometimes the hurt came across as anger but it was genuine hurt.  My feelings were always getting hurt.

Yes, even though I felt as if it was my job to secretly take on other people’s emotions, to understand, forgive and all that jazz, the fact that other people had the nerve to judge me so harshly was borderline offensive.  I let all that stuff get to me in the past because I really didn’t know what was going on in my life.  I thought the problem was that I cared too deeply about other people.  I tried to shut it off but I couldn’t.  I cannot stop caring about people.  I didn’t know how to transmute the negative effectively.  I also had to learn to love myself unconditionally and nurture my feelings, especially in the instance of soulmates – the CERTAIN TYPES of soulmates I’d been looking for since I arrived here.