Red Moon Bouquet

Unbearable rage –
Pure torment for thirty years
Her madness escapes

© 2017 Amina Caprice Andolini


Life in Pictures (four styles)

the ku-ice butcher
a golden bubble:
cemented in ice, sees the
iciness it fears

this legend (EAP)
rich in the void of this legend,
joined by midnight and moonlit blurs
I shall never dismiss this legend,
or our lives to be wrought through pictures

the little snake (rick)
safe & warm in my simmer,
my guise is cold & slender.
i slink above ground,
there’s no one around,
how will i find my dinner?

Future Slipups
when mysterious tones
of the full moon’s Energy
call upon a past slipup –

When psychedelic patterns
dance about an unhappy tree

I embrace “what was,” join
a fierce brotherhood,
and eagerly look forward…

to future slipups