The Blue-Ray Indigo (Obsessed with the 1960s)

I agree that Blue Ray Beings are groups of extremely sensitive and empathic lightworkers that come from different planets and realms (thanks Shekina Rose and Patricia McNeilly).  I have always had a strong connection to Source – the Creator of All, to Angels, other assorted beings and to the one we call Jesus Christ.  They have always felt like Invisible Friends/Spirit Friends.  For a while, it used to upset me that so many relatively kindhearted people think they have a solid relationship with Jesus but they’re really getting an idol god.  The fact that some are what we call blind to that fact did not upset me (especially if it is their wish to remain blind).  Those that consciously deceive others are the ones who upset me the most.  The fact that they could take advantage of somebody’s naivety is extremely disheartening.

I said many times before that I felt like an alien who had been given an ill-prepared Halloween costume by God.  Not only that, I felt as if He plopped me here at the wrong time.  I have always been drawn to the 1950s and 1960s in a crazy nostalgic sort of way.  Most of my childhood memories are from the late 1970s and the 1980s, so being nostalgic about that time period was normal; however, the thing with the 50s and especially 60s was weird, and sometimes, there was a feeling of being pseudo scared.  I did not find out why I was so drawn  to and pseudo scared of a time period I seemingly had nothing to do with until about seven or eight years ago.

Why was I scared…
I believe it was because the hippies – the first wave of Blue-Ray Indigos – that whole life, the communities, the psychedelic music, the art, films, entertainment, the everything came to a commercialized end way to soon.  Too soon for all of us.  To me, the whole beatnik and hippie thing was more than a counterculture movement.  It was the beginning of higher consciousness, spiritual growth and development.

If it was such a good thing, why did it end?
I believe I was so sad about it because I am a Blue-Ray Indigo.  I now realize that several members of my Soup Group lived and died during that whole hippie era.  I did not think I’d ever find anyone as close as them and that’s what scared me.  Being alone with this mission scared me.  It scared me so bad that I blocked prior memories out and refused to learn the truth of my existence.  Whenever a “knowing” showed up in my reality, I told myself that I was scared of it and tried to make it go away.

Many argue Woodstock (1969), the Charles Manson murders (1969), the deaths of Jimi Hendrix (1970), Janis Joplin (1970) and Jim Morrison (1971), hate crimes, consumerism and materialism, tainted drugs and so much more brought an end to it all, but I still think they had a lot of help from someone/something unseen.  There were really good hippies whose only crime was… being too naive.  I believe, just like those that take advantage of kindhearted Christians now, that lots of people (including other hippies) took advantage of kindhearted hippies then turned around and blamed them for the end of the era all to discourage others from living and/or thinking outside the box.

Hippies were among the first wave Blue-Ray Indigo Beings.  They opened doors for other Lightworkers.  Mostly, the Blue-Rays of that time would want us to avoid making some of the same mistakes that they did.  A few of those mistakes are heavy drug usage, alcohol consumption; anything that gives malicious Spirits permission to disrupt Spiritual Growth.  They’d want us to avoid whatever affects us in a negative way and escapism… Escapism can be anything from food, a lack of sleep, exercise and/or other weird addictions.



Soulmates Along the Path

The soulmate situation is rather taboo in my world.  It’s something many people experience but would rather not discuss out loud – not in lengthy breaks.  It’s a collective belief, that the rose petals and pinkish happenings have settled themselves in fairy tales, prince and princess kid movies, and etcetera.  Once a kid grows up, the world now expects them to put all of those lies out of their mind and focus on being a slave in the “real world.”  Commerce loves it when adults stick to hooking up for traditional, commonsense reasons.  As with some of the early marriages of the 1950s/1960s, reasons such as prominence, livelihood, the domestic front and finance only benefit Big Business.

So what about the hippies who’d like to trip to the desert (the Dark Night) and experience something totally Spiritual?

I thank God for other people’s posts and definitions – from the watered down, cookie cutter and flowery to the technical, seemingly harsh and discerning.  I thank them all, ‘cuz when some of that strange brew materialized in my halls at midnight, I almost lost it.  I had no idea what was happening to me.  I scrambled around, looking for definitions and/or a story the least bit similar to mind.  Yeah, I’d been familiar with the word soulmate for a very long time; however, before my Spiritual Journey, I thought it only referred to Angels or some kind of lifelong partner.  I didn’t realize there were several soulmates.  I didn’t realize that the soulmate was allowed to come and go, to be more or less evolved spiritually.  I didn’t know that the soulmate could be so weird.  I must admit, I fell for the cookie cutter, rose-colored definitions, those that based everything on fate and the magic of its cosmic remembrance.  I didn’t know the relationships could be so difficult and so… so bizarre.  Since my definitions did not match the rosy ones, I thought I was losing it.  Yes, I appreciate everybody’s sense on the subject, but years on the Journey has taught me that soulmate encounters are supposed to be personal, intimate, tailored to fit one’s Soul.  Not every relationship will fit into somebody else’s snug little box.  Not all relationships will have a name, strict rules, guidelines, signs and symptoms.  There is a knowing, but whether that person will respond or not is up to their Free Will.

I studied many people’s definitions.  Some resonated a little, some resonated a lot, some did not resonate at all.  I could tell that some did the ‘copy paste’ thing instead of writing about their experiences – at least the first hand knowledge of someone close to them.  Some definitions were very personal – too personal – so personal that I couldn’t relate.  Some definitions were so professional, so Pig Latinish, so textbook, that it seemed as if I had a mental problem.  Oh, and I won’t go into detail about the strict Christians, those who all but said I’m a demon from the bloody inferno and would like nothing more but to bring all of “God’s people” down here with me.  I had the hardest time with Christian doctrines.  Most of the stuff I read and some of the people I mentioned this stuff to were convinced that I’d been shaking hands with Satan Himself, as if he really gives a bag of crap about my dope show.  As if he really wants to show his angular face around anything dealing with Unconditional Love and blinding Light.  After reading lots of material about this stuff, I gathered my own definitions based on personal experience.  Nothing too personal (that’s strictly for the Gothic Romantics).

With that being said, there are staples or wisdoms most are familiar with – I think only to give us a physical sense of being on the right track.  Although many have these encounters, some feel as if their personal encounter is too intimate to talk about.  I understand.  Some are quite anxious to spread the word.  I understand that one too.  In all the excitement, we mustn’t forget that there is no cookie cutter paradigm.  Not all examples are exactly the same.  Some will resonate, some will not resonate, some will team up with their Guides and invent other words to calm their Soul’s perspective.  As far as I know, nobody’s going around tying themselves in boxes and deeming themselves better or worse than other people (if they do, then they should check the ego).  The soulmate situation is deep, Spiritual, one-of-a-kind and a collective experience.  It’s not a fairy tale – that’s only what the “real world’s” pimp hand teaches.

I’m tired… I’ll discuss the types of soulmates I’ve met along my path in another post.