Meeting & Communicating w/Spirits

Negative Spirits
The immature and the mature ones told me negative things, accentuated the negativity in me, played around in ways that weakened or tried to scare me, caused mad chaos and confusion, things like that.  I could also feel their Energy – I could still feel the intention behind the visit.  With full-grown demons, sometimes I could feel evil watching or something dark flying above as if it was waiting for me to give it permission to enter my space.  Sometimes they wouldn’t enter my space at all, they’d just intimidate me from afar.  The immature gremlins entered my space anyway.  Sometimes they’d linger, play mischievous jokes, invade my thoughts and dreams.  With low emotions, there was no feeling of being purged out.  It’s as if my ego wanted me to waddle around and keep them there so they could grow; develop into demons.  Another thing, the Dark Ones were not afraid of making me fear death (trying to).

Positive Spirits – Unconditional Friends
They always told me positive things.  Everything was steady, even in times when I felt confusion and whatnot, I knew those “negative things” were being purged out.  Sort of like me sensing, feeling them and whatnot, bringing them up to the surface where I can turn them into Love.  Whenever they told me something, it would always be positive, jovial (harmless), helpful, steering me toward personal and spiritual growth, alerting me to something I need to work on (even if it was difficult to face).  They did a lot of laughing, joking around and playing in the process.  I didn’t know Spirits were “allowed” to do and to say those things.  There were ones who seemed to be more quiet and strict, but all-in-all, they were fun.  Those on another plane of existence don’t consider themselves dead.  According to them, we are the dead ones.  They consider themselves alive – alive in Love, Light, God.  Unlike the Dark Ones, those of the Light helped me understand that death is a facade; there is nothing to be afraid of.  They never wanted me to focus on them.  They always alluded to something/someone Higher (God/the Source).

How They Introduced Themselves
With most Spirits, I’d hear something.  Some of the negative ones did things to scare me.  I’d hear ghosts tipping on the floor, but for the most part, when Spirits wanted to introduce themselves to me, I’d hear a loud pop sound.  I didn’t see  them all of the time, but I could feel them and get impressions from that.  They also buzzed in my ear, spoke aloud, and one time they wrote on the bathroom mirror.  They mostly communicated through a Guide, my Twin Flame, an Angel, an Unconditional Friend, dreams or visions.

How They Looked
Again, I only saw a small number of Spirits with the physical eye.  For the most part, I could sense their presence and could pick up things about them, their current or prior Earth life and whatnot.  In the beginning, I didn’t trust my skills, and so they’d send confirmation in the way of a family member having a dream of the Spirit(s) I felt hanging around me.
Sometimes a Spirit appeared to me in flashes, sometimes in my mind’s eye, but one flashy Spirit appeared as black (or psychedelic) ectoplasm.  He then appeared to me as a white mist then materialized in front of my eyes.  He looked as a regular person does – solid and clear.  Most of the others appeared in my mind’s eye (I could see them for only half a second).  Some just floated around, came at night, left clues, buzzed, there were all types of ways.  My Twin Flame appeared as a “shadow person,” a shadow with red eyes, outlined in silver stars, a quick flash of how he used to look, a light being, and as an ancient Greek man.  My aunt appeared as a beam of light.  Others were orbs.  There were animals (I got the feeling that they were Angels).

How They Communicated
They have alerted me to websites (of course), things on television, songs, music, things in nature, books, they have rung bells, messed around with electricity, etcetera.

I Grieved When They Left
Many of the people I’d grown so close to once walked Earth.  Some I met, some I didn’t meet in this lifetime.  When they left, I found myself grieving for their physical Selves as well as their Spirits.  With my Twin Flame, I grieved for him in the physical, the Spiritual, and the life we would have led had he been here (he showed me glimpses of it).  I felt as if I grieved for them on two and three different levels.

Their vibrations were extremely High.  I couldn’t maintain that level of spirituality (there were physical symptoms).  I was forgetting about Earth (becoming ungrounded).  They kept reminding me about my diet and purpose.

It took me a very long time to get used to not being able to feel them as strongly, to look over and not see or feel them there.  That was very hard for me to deal with.  Sometimes, to this day, I can feel them out of the blue, but nothing’s as intense as it was back in 2009-2010.