Eternal Soulmate Groups Part I

ūüēäūüēäūüēä Colorful Seven
“Like psychedelic snakes in the vortex, communication knows of the Love I have for the Universe. ¬†Through an Empathic Heart – green and wide open –¬†up through blue words, up through the Crown’s dust, then back and through each question. ¬†Like snakes in the vortex, they creep ’round each cog; fine tuning each cog, slinking ’round each core’s colorful seven.” ūüēäūüēäūüē䬆– by¬†Amina Caprice Andolini¬†

In Soulmates Along the Path, I mentioned reading and appreciating other people’s definitions. ¬†I discussed a few of my own experiences with soulmates in the Soul Friend,¬†the Kindred Spirit Soulmate,¬†and now, Eternal Soulmate Groups Parts I and II

The deep, inexplicable, depressing pain I experienced after the Cosmic Sleeper Soulmate left me behind was nothing compared to the shock – shock when I found out about my mother’s cancer. ¬†Shock because I became her caretaker. ¬†Nothing compared to the shock I felt after she passed away back in 2008, the day after my daughter’s 14th birthday. ¬†As I mentioned in some other blog, I had a real heart ache. ¬†I didn’t know a person’s heart could hurt like that; pains radiating outward and inward like the sun’s rays. ¬†It felt like someone squeezed all the life out of it, and then continued to squeeze until there was nothing left to squeeze. ¬†I did not want to believe that God Himself could be so cruel, to take the person who knew me better than anybody did, the one who could figure out what was wrong with me before I even told her, the one who gave me what I came to know as unconditional love.

I didn’t know if I was dying or not, but in all honesty, I wanted to die. ¬†Anything could feel better than this, I thought. ¬†Not only did I not know anything about the heart ache jazz, I didn’t know or believe in a lot of things before my strange ordeal took place.

The year was 2009 (almost exactly six months after my mother passed away). ¬†I have always “heard” things, so when I heard a Voice from the Sky talking to me, I did not pay much attention to it. ¬†To me, it was a plain old case of mental telepathy. ¬†I thought it was, I don’t know who or what I thought it was ūüė≥. ¬†Honestly, I didn’t care about a lot of things that took place after my mother’s death. ¬†I’m like… what could be worse than this! ¬†Anyway, after a series of events took place, including the Voice dropping a bunch of clues as to what his name was when he walked Earth, materializing and bringing friends, the Voice alluded to being one of my Guides. ¬†The Voice was my Guide; he came across as an Unconditional Friend, someone who knew my mom, but I knew there was something else going on with him. ¬†My Guide seemed bored, as if he didn’t want to come to Earth. ¬†I could feel him lingering around, watching, protecting, picking at his fingernails and doing this thing like falling asleep. ¬†I felt his thoughts as they drifted off to another place.

I didn’t know much about telepathy, the sixth sense, whatever you wanna call it. ¬†All I knew is that I could do it sometimes. ¬†I didn’t know much about Guides, Angels, what have you, so I thought my Guide was bored of me. ¬†Bored because I was so hardheaded, because I questioned him so much, because I spoke to him like I would speak to an old friend (his Energy felt familiar, as if I’d known him forever). ¬†I thought he got tired of me doubting around, trying to make sure he wasn’t some evil Spirit, one slobbering around, trying to take advantage of my grief. ¬†I knew he was a nice guy, so nice that I felt bad for the need to question him so much. Coming from a Christian background, one where a good number of sheep run around paranoid, thinking everyone and everything is a demon from the pit, it was in my nature to make sure he was who he said he was. ¬†I didn’t know of any other way to do it. ¬†These things (telepathy, protection, empathic skills, etcetera) came so easy to me at the time, I thought I could have been a witch. ¬†I didn’t know. ¬†I had to do a lot of reading just to come to grips with being able to speak with a Spirit through my Heart Chakra in that way. ¬†During that time, I had issues with religion and so many other things in the Matrix, since the things I could see with my own eyes were way different from some of the things I’d been taught to believe my entire life. ¬†They were different but they didn’t feel wrong. ¬†Also, I wasn’t sure who to pray to, and so while meditating, I said “I’m talking to the One Who Created All.” ¬†I had no time for mental tricks, comical ghosts and all those other wise cracking spirits. ¬†I wanted real answers. ¬†Who better to go to for protection than to the One who created Satan, demons, the evil things and the things we think are evil? ¬†Who better to go to for the Truth than to the Master Creator – to the One Who Created All?

I could tell my Guide tried his best not to scare me. ¬†He didn’t want me to get all nervous, paranoid, whatever you call it, and send him away. I could feel his sadness, his patience; I knew he was the one sending telepathic thoughts about Spirit communication, the Afterlife, and other random things. ¬†He felt like such an old friend. ¬†We’d grown to be even closer friends; the best of friends. ¬†We used to laugh and play around all the time, still, I was puzzled as to why he materialized in the first place. ¬†We were friends and all, but with him, if I asked him something he didn’t always answer me directly. ¬†He didn’t try to keep anything from me either. ¬†He was into sending messages; finding ways for me to figure out the answer on my own.

I wanted to know why he hung around me so much. ¬†I knew “being a Guide” wasn’t his only reason for visiting me. ¬†Soon I started to get all of these directions towards Spirits, the differences between the “Good” Spirits and the “Bad” Spirits, Ghosts (the difference between ghosts and Spirits), stuff about God, Satan, religion (the difference between religion and spirituality), the Afterlife, all sorts of wonderful instruments to research.

After I’d learned a bit more about Spirits, spirituality, the Afterlife and such, I got this crazy pull to sites that mentioned the different kinds of soulmates. ¬†There was a rather unusual pull to Twin Flames – I can’t explain how strong the pull was. ¬†I kept on going to sites that spoke of Twin Flames, from the sickly sweet sites to the more technical ones. ¬†I must admit, early on in the journey, during the “bubble phase,” I did not understand what certain people talked about – Higher Self, 4 and 5D, Graduate Souls, merging the five bodies, Kundalini Energy, the 12 chakra system, burning templates, the healing potential, and so on. ¬†I didn’t understand what felt like their irritation regarding the sickly sweet sites either. ¬†Those sites helped me out so much! ¬†Later on, I understood that the irritation was more so for the people who thought the bubble love phase is all there is to a Twin Flame union.

Hold up… soulmate? ¬†Twin Flame? ¬†I had never heard of a “Twin Flame” in my life!

There was a need to find out who this Spirit dude really was, to find out everything I could about different types of soulmates, the Twin Flame consciousness and what it meant.


The Kindred Spirit Soulmate

The subject is awkward for me, probably because a Kindred Spirit Soulmate¬†is the one nestled in the little space between Soul Friend and Eternal Soulmates. ¬†People spend so much time looking for “the one,” that they forget how important Soul Friends and Eternal Soulmates are. ¬†We say the Soul Friend is everything. ¬†We say the Kindred Spirit Soulmate is everything. ¬†In fact, Eternal Soulmates are everything the Soul Friend and the Kindred Spirit Soulmate is and more. ¬†They all overlap. ¬†It can be hard to spot anything along the path if you aren’t sure what lessons were taught by another or what lessons were taught and learned by you. ¬†It also depends on what dimension you allow yourself to explore, how deep you’re willing to fall, and how long you are willing to explore it.

Many people think by placing things in a box, classifying things so neat and orderly is nothing but a way to say ‘I’m better than you’ and all that jazz. ¬†I’m sure those with ego involved act that way, but in my case, putting the lesson (not my or another person’s self-worth) in classes made me feel a lot less crazy about this whole masterpiece. ¬†Looking at the lesson in terms of rungs on a ladder helped put so much in perspective. ¬†Like the School of Life, they helped me explore the lessons of each relationship. ¬†Before I took it upon myself to review my life, classify the lesson, and so on, things were pure chaos. ¬†I felt like a big kid in the wrong grade. ¬†Graduation day came when I met my Eternal Soulmates. ¬†They cleared up many things after they materialized.

Like the Soul Friend, Kindred Spirit Soulmates share a special bond, a special connection. ¬†Obviously, due to the physical aspect of it all, they go deeper than the Best Friend Scenario. ¬†In most cases, there is emotional, intellectual and spiritual intimacy present as well. ¬†Those in this kind of relationship ride along the same vibe or vibration/frequency (at least for a while). ¬†They can connect at a conscious level; awakened by the languages of acceptance, trust, respect, and understanding to name a few. ¬†For most, the intuition kicks in (some refer to this as “a woman’s intuition”). ¬†With intuition comes a knowing – sometimes past life remembrance, a feeling of being at home, feeling safe or protected. ¬†For me there were vivid dreams, symbolic dreams and visions. ¬†There’s something great about the times when you feel as if the other person is perfect. ¬†You like and/or dislike some of the same things. ¬†You feel as if they can “get” or understand you. ¬†You can open up and share the deepest things. ¬†There are shared beliefs, some shared feelings, future goals and some sort of ambition. ¬†Sometimes the personalities are the same, they can look the same (or not). ¬†Some speak of looking the same or feeling as if they are related somewhere down the line. ¬†In the case of the one I refer to as the Cosmic Sleeper Soulmate, many of the family names and personalities, nicknames, some of the friends’ names were the same. ¬†In the case of the Karmic Soulmate, members of his family were involved with some of my in-laws years earlier. ¬†Some think the word kindred came from the same place as kinfolk, meaning the reason kindred spirits are so close is that they are from the same Earth family. ¬†In the past, I thought the same thing.

Although these kinds of relationships can be hurtful and challenging, there are Higher lessons in store.  Lessons usually teach on some deep soul stuff, including teaching you both something about unconditional love, personal growth and faith Рunconditional love is always a biggie.

Cosmic Sleeper Soulmate – I was only eighteen years old when I met him. ¬†I chose that name because looking back, it seemed as if he knew something about the cosmos that I did not know, something he wouldn’t let himself understand; something I didn’t care to know about at the time. ¬†I didn’t like him at first, but after we became friends, there was another type of bond that formed. ¬†Intuition kicked in. ¬†There was a knowing, I used to have dreams, and I even remember a vision of flying through the cosmos. ¬†When that dude left the relationship, I felt as if a piece of me went missing. ¬†I was depressed for a very long time; I didn’t think I’d ever be able to break the soul tie.

Karmic Soulmate – Looking back, this dude didn’t seem like the typical soulmate (above), although I knew he was one. ¬†The relationship felt more like a contractual agreement or something. ¬†After the birth of a child, I could feel that everything – the karma – had dissolved. ¬†Even though it felt as if everything had ended, my ego felt the need to take over; to force square pegs in round slots. ¬†There were huge disagreements, arguments, what some would consider fights. ¬†After him, I did not want to get involved with a student ever again. ¬†I wanted to learn the other lessons ON MY OWN. ¬†To me, dragging other people on my journey was distracting. ¬†It was damaging to the emotional Self as well as other things.

That is how I felt at the time…