Eternal Soulmate Groups Part II

“Blue rays trump the sun’s excessive hotness.
egends and boring waves have their days.
‘ll always praise the sun’s excessive hotness.
Perception’s up in flames at the People Parade.”
– Amina Caprice Andolini  

After a series of dreams and incidents, I knew that the thing we call death is only a facade; an illusion.  It took me a very long time to deal with my issues, to basically deprogram myself.  The mind control, the brainwashing, I’ve been deceived by this Veil of Illusion my whole life!  After I got rid of much of the mind clutter, I was able to see and hear more things; to think clearer, to arrange the pieces of my puzzle.

Most of the Spirits I communicated with came through with an air of Unconditional Friendship.  They were “In the Pastel” meaning that I could see and/or feel colors.  Some came through with the ‘I’m trying to help you’ vibe, one of Unconditional Friendship, Unconditional Love, Trust, Loyalty, Honesty, and all that jazz.  The vibration was extremely High.  They always talked about or alluded to something (or someone) Higher, such as God or the Source, different kinds of Angels, the man we’ve come to know as Jesus Christ, so on.

I communicated with all kinds of High to low vibrational Spirits and ghosts; however, the main three ones are the Twin Flame/Eternal Soulmate, Soul Group/Soul Family, and the Twin Counterpart/Divine Counterpart.

Twin Flame/Eternal Soulmate – I heard his voice in 2009, six months after my mother passed away.  He introduced himself to me in a nice way, I guess to make sure I truly understood who he was.  He didn’t want me to send him away (due to fear or confusion).  He came in as an Unconditional Friend, someone I’ve known my whole life; a best friend, Guide, soulmate, and then he hit me with the Twin Flame business.  I could handle all the less intense stuff, but when the Twin Flame stuff came into play, I thought I was losing my mind.  All of the websites he directed me to helped with this – he started off with the kitten and bubble gum sites and then moved on to the big ole technical ones.

He helped me navigate through all of my grief and brought about what I call “The People Parade.”  The People Parade 🎊 is the special time (2009-2010) when the questions I asked God, the Creator of All, back in 2007 (after I found out of my mother’s cancer) and 2008 (after my mother passed away) were answered.  During that time, he introduced me to several members of my Soul Group/Soul Family.

Soul Group/Soul Family – My mother!  She’s the one who kick started this whole thing.  The members of my Soul Group/Soul Family that I spent the most time with are members of my biological family (mostly my mother’s side) that have passed on.  There were kids and other family members that I did not get the chance to meet on Earth.  There were friends that I did not have the opportunity to meet on Earth; some friends that I did interact with on Earth.  Many Angels and animals came around, some to do a certain job then leave, others, like Archangel Azrael, came around to help unlock a repressed memory.  Many of the members of my Soul Group/Soul Family were writers, poets, or musicians when they walked Earth.


Twin Counterpart/Divine Counterpart – There is much more to research about this one.  I do know that there are many titles, such as: the Catalyst and Near Twin, or the darker Shadow Twin, Alien Love Bite, and False Twin but for now, I’ve chosen to go with Twin Counterpart/Divine Counterpart because he mirrors the Twin Flame in a way (a Near Twin) and it feels as if he was contracted to help me.  With the other groups, I interacted with their Spirits on the Other Side; however with the Twin Counterpart/Divine Counterpart, although he is still alive on Earth, I felt his Higher Self protecting me, helping me with grief along with some of the others.  That was one of the weirdest things I’d ever heard of (besides meeting a “dead” Twin Flame) – to interact with a person’s Higher Self while they are still alive 😵😯😮.  This dude has no conscious knowledge about this; he has no idea I even exist!  I have not met him as of yet.  Whether or not I will is I believe up to our Free Will and ego.  I have already received the answer, that we were/are really good friends.  He is the Near Twin; however, I met his Higher Self after I met my Twin Flame.  Hmmm…

Before all of this stuff popped off, I was on the fence about past lives, reincarnation, the whole creepy jazz band.  I had no idea why nostalgia and deja vu existed, didn’t want to know if I had any OBEs or not (and I have had many).  After my mother’s passing, I have learned to question everything!  And BELIEVE


The Soul Friend

All people have the ability to teach, to be a companion or spirit guide, which is why I have no problem calling everybody, even strangers, “my friend.”  Alternatively, some people are more exclusive with the word friend, especially if they know of some less than honorable individuals.  Still, it doesn’t bother me… Whether we call these people longtime friends, confidants, homies, fair-weather friends, secondhand friends, friends of the family, acquaintances, internet friends, undercover friends, frenemies, fanatics, whatever kind of basic word we pick, they all tend to teach about some kind of love – whether it is collective, conditional or unconditional.  They tell us something about our Soul (if we listen).  They teach about some kind of loyalty, trustworthiness or the opposites of each, but within these diverse groups there is a smaller group, a group most of us refer to as the Best Friend(s), or as I call it, the Best Friend Scenario.  There are even smaller groups within that group; deeper bonds I  refer to as the Mirror Soul Friend and the True Soul Friend.

Mirror Soul Friend – I met her at the age of five.  Since I was so young, I don’t remember all the details of our first meeting, but I do remember the similar family dynamics.  We also had the same tastes in music, toys, clothes, everything.  To me at least, the similarities were comforting, almost healing.  She brought comedy in my life.  I could be long faced and solemn or the loud mouthed idiot and not worry what she would say behind my back.  I could forget all about my big time troubles.  We had grown so close that we called each other “best sisters,” meaning that the friendship was more special, a bit stronger than the usual ones.  It was cosmic, something neither one of us could understand, but we could feel it.  We remained friends for a little over a decade, until around tenth grade.  I tried not to show it, I was devastated when we drifted apart – when she traded me in for a new set of friends.  It’s important to note, after she left, I was able to focus on the “psychic things” that I didn’t care much about before.  To others, my Mirror Soul Friend didn’t seem like a real friend to me at all – they think it was not returned.  On one hand, they are right.  We were not friends superficially (on the surface).  The friendship was Spiritual.

True Soul Friend – I’ve known her for thirty years give or take.  The friendship is real, honest, and unconditional.  Trust and honesty is at the top of the list, right up there with loyalty; there are usually no disagreements big enough to end the relationship, there is respect for the differences in our personalities while supporting the similarities.  There is an uncanny ability to forgive AND understand.  We bonded due to similar dynamics in our homes as well.  Unlike the Mirror Soul Friend, the True Soul Friend and I did not drift apart.  We learned about life, Spirituality and personal growth together.  The True Soul Friend is different from the Mirror Soul Friend in that there’s way more honesty and empathic or psychic abilities.  Speaking of psychic abilities, there are a few pets and family members I’d like to include in this group, as they were/are very special in terms of psychic abilities as well.  Other names in this group include the Sister/Brother Cousin (a new one), Play Cousin, Play Sister/Brother, Bestest Friend, and I’m sure there are several more titles out there.