No Bloody Eyes ūüĎÄ

How’d the shadows know
Of her rapid transformation?
Rapid tarots read
Of her rapid transformation.
How’d the shadows know
Of her twisted, bloody lies?
How’d the shadows know
When they have no bloody eyes?

© 2017 Amina Caprice Andolini


Famous Heart

Veiled from birth to middle-aged
Staging her “malevolence”
Hence her rapid, greenish glow
Growing underneath of it
Though she’s s worth the tower change
Danger’s still so prominent
Hence her rapid, greenish glow
Growing underneath of it

© 2017 Amina Caprice Andolini


Solid March of the Misfit

Enduring the heat on her face,
It grew from a flame years ago,
Her fears, his hatred, their space,
Has destroyed parts of her ego.

It grew from a flame years ago,
Their blazing flame has espoused it;
Has destroyed parts of her ego,
With a solid march of the misfit.

Their blazing flame has espoused it,
Her fears, his hatred, their space,
With a solid march of the misfit,
Enduring the heat on her face.

((by Amina Caprice Andolini¬†ūüĎĹ))

Sad, Sad Sparrow

shackled to a door in my Gothic Shrine,
breathing like a sad, sad sparrow:
he’s urging me to say more,
he’s urging me to do more…

all I hear is a grinding, cavernous whine,
bleeding like a dying crow:
he’s urging me to do more,
he’s urging me to be more…

pining in my Shining Gothic Shrine.
dying like a sad, sad sparrow.
feeling like a loner, losing my mind,
looking through the radio…

living on lifeblood and gore –
he’s urging me to do more,
he’s urging me to BE more.

The Blue-Ray Indigo (Obsessed with the 1960s)

I¬†agree that Blue Ray Beings are groups of extremely sensitive and empathic lightworkers that come from different planets and realms (thanks Shekina Rose and Patricia McNeilly). ¬†I have always had a strong connection to Source – the Creator of All, to Angels, other assorted beings and to the one we call Jesus Christ. ¬†They have always felt like Invisible Friends/Spirit Friends. ¬†For a while, it used to upset me that so many relatively kindhearted people think they have a solid relationship with Jesus but they’re really getting an idol god. ¬†The fact that some are what we call blind to that fact did not upset me (especially if it is their wish to remain blind). ¬†Those that consciously¬†deceive others are the ones who upset me the most. ¬†The fact that they could take advantage of somebody’s naivety is extremely disheartening.

I said many times before that I felt like an alien who had been given an ill-prepared Halloween costume by God.  Not only that, I felt as if He plopped me here at the wrong time.  I have always been drawn to the 1950s and 1960s in a crazy nostalgic sort of way.  Most of my childhood memories are from the late 1970s and the 1980s, so being nostalgic about that time period was normal; however, the thing with the 50s and especially 60s was weird, and sometimes, there was a feeling of being pseudo scared.  I did not find out why I was so drawn  to and pseudo scared of a time period I seemingly had nothing to do with until about seven or eight years ago.

Why was I scared…
I believe it was because the hippies Рthe first wave of Blue-Ray Indigos Рthat whole life, the communities, the psychedelic music, the art, films, entertainment, the everything came to a commercialized end way to soon.  Too soon for all of us.  To me, the whole beatnik and hippie thing was more than a counterculture movement.  It was the beginning of higher consciousness, spiritual growth and development.

If it was such a good thing, why did it end?
I believe I was so sad about it because I am a Blue-Ray Indigo. ¬†I now realize that several members of my Soup Group lived and died during that whole hippie era. ¬†I did not think I’d ever find anyone as close as them and that’s what scared me. ¬†Being alone with this mission scared me. ¬†It scared me so bad that I blocked prior memories out and refused to learn the truth of my existence. ¬†Whenever a “knowing” showed up in my reality, I told myself that I was scared of it and tried to make it go away.

Many argue Woodstock (1969), the Charles Manson murders (1969), the deaths of Jimi Hendrix (1970), Janis Joplin (1970) and Jim Morrison (1971), hate crimes, consumerism and materialism, tainted drugs and so much more brought an end to it all, but I still think they had a lot of help from someone/something unseen. ¬†There were really good hippies whose only crime was… being too naive. ¬†I believe, just like those that take advantage of kindhearted Christians now, that lots of people (including other hippies) took advantage of kindhearted hippies then turned around and blamed them for the end of the era all to discourage others from living and/or thinking outside the box.

Hippies were among the first wave Blue-Ray Indigo Beings. ¬†They opened doors for other Lightworkers. ¬†Mostly, the Blue-Rays of that time would want us to avoid making some of the same mistakes that they did. ¬†A few of those mistakes are heavy drug usage, alcohol consumption; anything that gives malicious Spirits permission to disrupt Spiritual Growth. ¬†They’d want us to avoid whatever affects us in a negative way and escapism… Escapism can be anything from food, a lack of sleep, exercise and/or other weird addictions.


Shadow Dude

Forever in a vacant room
Amongst crucial flowers in bloom
A moving stretch of solitude
The depressed little shadow dude…

Depressing his own shadow’s view
Diluting his box of half-truths
The depressed little shadow dude –
Forever in a vacant room

Meditating on Poetries

Your self-esteem is a very fragile thing –
Peering through a nightmare’s walls,
belief system drenched and swanned,
searching for a brand new identity…

Searching for an online shrine –
One dedicated to big words and stillness.
One dedicated to meditation,
over-the-top creations and a daydream.

Ghostlike Beat

In a farsighted room, on a normal night of mourning, the fragrances of three Spirits – of sorrow, burning, and disbelief appeared before me. ¬†And ever since that moment I’ve been laying flowers at your doorstep, hoping you’ll remember the beat. ¬†I see phony groupies lazing round in dark of darks and awful deafness, while I dance, dance, and dance to its serious suggestions. ¬†I’ve been paving our channel with astonishment and sleep. ¬†I’ve been playacting at best, giving the whole World a face of bittersweet neglect, but in the place where wild rabbits build wild nests, I’m secretly hoping you’ll hear my labored roar. ¬†And then, you’ll dance, dance, and dance to the location of my tempered glass coffin. ¬†You’ll smash through the mug, destroying the Gothic breath that seizes expansion.

Wraithlike on the surface, it’s innate to chase after a whacked out rhythm. ¬†It is for me. ¬†That I summon various poets of yore to our old abandoned palace is inborn – it is for me. ¬†I’ve been laying flowers at the castle, at the doorstep, at the passageway. ¬†Should you choose to snub the meridian, I won’t cease to be a conduit for the fluffy pink, but now, how can you remain deaf to the rhythm, to this wild ghostlike beat? ¬†I shall not rest until I build a nest inside your fluffy wing. ¬†I shall do nothing but focus on your offbeat rhythm, on your wild ghostlike beat… and maybe… you’ll hear me.

Grand Orchestration

Seven¬†years ago, I could not find a single story similar to mine on the internet, and now, there is an explosion of people claiming to have gone through their Spiritual Awakening at the same time as I did (seven to nine years ago). ¬†I find it amazing, and well, I find it comforting, especially that most all of the people I am referring to make videos about their experiences. ¬†In the past, I prayed for a spiritual teacher on Earth, one that would give me some sort of advice about this stuff without charging a ridiculous amount. ¬†I’m aware that people must make a living here, but I have always felt a little funny about giving out plain old advice at a steep price.

I have run into all kinds of spiritual teachers, but I have yet to run into someone who has as many wild stories to tell as I do – I have stories from a little kid up until my cough age now.

I think about talking to people, but I get the feeling that even they would look at me as if I’m not doing so good in the head.

Stories of
Spiritual Growth,
Kundalini awakening,
chakras bursting open,
Angels, demons, ghosts,
attached entities,
Twin Flame

And the beauty of it, something I used to think was a disadvantage to me, is most people will think that’s all I have to offer. ¬†Stories. ¬†They won’t think anything like what I have to say could ever be “truth.” ¬†That’s my advantage, because I can play with the facts in whatever way I want.

As of now, I am beyond the confirmation phase of this journey. ¬†Although I love everybody, value everybody’s opinion and whatnot, I do not need a person reading my own Energy back to me. ¬†I can do that myself. ¬†Although I may feel this way, I know I’m not totally alone. ¬†I have Spirit Friends (whatever name is best), but in this density, there are times when my Spirit Friends just aren’t enough. ¬†There are times when a big ole smile and a positive attitude isn’t enough. ¬†There are times when an unconditional heart, lots of gratitude, Love and Light isn’t enough. ¬†In the beginning, I knew there were parts of the journey I’d be taking alone. ¬†I could feel it; I fought against it. ¬†I simply didn’t want to take those steps alone. ¬†It was a terrifying thought, but I’m okay with it now. ¬†It feels as if I orchestrated things this way.