Your Wretched Legend

Wading through your fame
I’m silent all through testing
Failing yet again

Lots of aliens
Some will never know the truth
I cannot be sad

Flying through the test
Ascending spiritually
Through your wretched fame


Grand Orchestration

Seven years ago, I could not find a single story similar to mine on the internet, and now, there is an explosion of people claiming to have gone through their Spiritual Awakening at the same time as I did (seven to nine years ago).  I find it amazing, and well, I find it comforting, especially that most all of the people I am referring to make videos about their experiences.  In the past, I prayed for a spiritual teacher on Earth, one that would give me some sort of advice about this stuff without charging a ridiculous amount.  I’m aware that people must make a living here, but I have always felt a little funny about giving out plain old advice at a steep price.

I have run into all kinds of spiritual teachers, but I have yet to run into someone who has as many wild stories to tell as I do – I have stories from a little kid up until my cough age now.

I think about talking to people, but I get the feeling that even they would look at me as if I’m not doing so good in the head.

Stories of
Spiritual Growth,
Kundalini awakening,
chakras bursting open,
Angels, demons, ghosts,
attached entities,
Twin Flame

And the beauty of it, something I used to think was a disadvantage to me, is most people will think that’s all I have to offer.  Stories.  They won’t think anything like what I have to say could ever be “truth.”  That’s my advantage, because I can play with the facts in whatever way I want.

As of now, I am beyond the confirmation phase of this journey.  Although I love everybody, value everybody’s opinion and whatnot, I do not need a person reading my own Energy back to me.  I can do that myself.  Although I may feel this way, I know I’m not totally alone.  I have Spirit Friends (whatever name is best), but in this density, there are times when my Spirit Friends just aren’t enough.  There are times when a big ole smile and a positive attitude isn’t enough.  There are times when an unconditional heart, lots of gratitude, Love and Light isn’t enough.  In the beginning, I knew there were parts of the journey I’d be taking alone.  I could feel it; I fought against it.  I simply didn’t want to take those steps alone.  It was a terrifying thought, but I’m okay with it now.  It feels as if I orchestrated things this way.