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ūüė† The “Nobody Cares” Rant ūüė†

Soul Searching – Writing is a Lifestyle
Some of the ‘information for amateurs’ keeps a novice writer in an amateur’s mindset. ¬†People would rather not have novice writers blossoming or a bunch of mature minded creative people in general running around for several reasons…

Some¬†of the people in the business of selling an artist’s material are not investing in the artist. ¬†They are investing in the artist’s profitability. ¬†In order to be profitable, the collective mindset is to imitate and/or reproduce something of significance; to give “old material” a face lift. ¬†All they wanna do is clone profits. ¬†Nobody really cares about an artist’s emotional trails or their hardships. ¬†Nobody cares about what an artist goes through in order to be creative. ¬†Nobody cares about how an artist makes the material, just as long as he or she makes the material. ¬†In more extreme cases, nobody even cares if the stuff is good or not. ¬†Just as long as it sells.

According to several, nobody really cares about a writer’s feelings. ¬†The only thing the World cares about is the next great novel, the next great movie, the next great song, painting, so and so. ¬†With all of the cloning and dumbing down going around, now, the only thing the majority of the World wants is the next decent creation – something that snakes around the Rules of Conformity or plays into them.

It’s about suppression

Those at the very top would rather not have a bunch of creative minds blooming. ¬†Who wants a bunch of mature minded nonconformists running around? ¬†Nah… They can’t control that stuff, right. ¬†For this slave society to continue like it is, they have to control as many minds as they can, so out comes good old rules and regulations. ¬†Out comes the jumping through hurdle after hurdle, to slipping and sliding through gobs of red tape and dumb regulations. ¬†The way I currently see it, poverty is a collective punishment for not being talent enough, not being smart enough, or for simply ‘not conforming.’ ¬†It doesn’t matter if an artist has genuine talent or not. ¬†‘Not being talent enough’ only means that one is not able to navigate the World’s many demands for one reason or another. ¬†‘Not being smart enough’ has little to do with what you actually know. ¬†It is essentially about conforming – how well you conform to the World’s wishes and demands.

Everything’s a Game. ¬†In the Writing Game, the inability to conform is amateurishness.


Addictive Cake

A jaded ghost lurks inside the corridors of my journal.
Shall I feed it addictive cake and meet its needs with gullibility? ¬†No. ¬†I am much too late for that nonsense. ¬†Its jaded royalty has been feeding off the emptiness in my Soul ever since childhood. ¬†The physical ailments I experience are byproducts of this emptiness. ¬†In ignorance, I continue to feed it addictive cake. ¬†I cannot meet its desiccated needs with innocence, because my ignorance is what it survives on – it survives on my ignorance and addictive cake in excess. ¬†Ignorance is no excuse in this matter. ¬†My ignorance gives rise to the matter, to the jaded ghost who lurks inside the corridors of my journal. ¬†What artlessness rides alongside it in the night’s wind? ¬†